West London Deep DJ on Tom Stephan’s Show

Dave had a guest mix on Tom Stephan’s show last night.

Beforehand Tom said “You know I’m a big supporter of West London Deep here on the show. I’m a big fan.

Just recently I’ve been playing the West London Deep remix of Röyksopp’s “49 Percent” and of course the brand new West London Deep single, which I believe you heard first here on the late night sessions. It’s called “Tongue-Tied”.

I think, if we’re lucky, maybe it’s gonne be coming up in the mix”

Tom Stephan Makes “Tongue-Tied” The Big One

Tom Stephan made “Tongue Tied” The Big One of the Week on his Kiss show on 15 September. He said “I love it”.

The Big One is, according to Tom, “The one that’s really doing it for me and doing it on the dancefloors.”

He introduced the track by saying “This is a brand new one from West London Deep. I’m a big fan of West London Deep and this is just one of the coolest tracks they’ve done. I’ve been playing it out. It’s been getting a great response everywhere.”

New Production – Tongue-Tied

Dave and Ollie have finished work on their latest production, “Tongue-Tied”. You can hear a sample of it on the Music page.

West London Deep remix Röyksopp

Dave and current collaborator Ollie Jacobs have just completed a remix for Röyksopp’s next single “49 Percent”. The single is released on 26 September.

“Inside My Head” re-enters Buzz Chart

It re-enters at No. 6 with the comment “Nufrequency add their touch to this already much favoured club cut.” Tongy plays it again on The Essential Selection.

“Dark Matter” reviewed in DJ Mag

DJ Magazine (04 – 17 March 05) has passed comment on “Dark Matter”. Here’s what they had to say:

In “Dark Matter” West London Deep follow up “Inside My Head” (now signed to Wall Of Sound) with another absorbing minimal house number. Less-is-most-definitely-more as Dave Hedger employs a gauzy arrangement to create the perfect synergy for the track’s austere beats and tribal aggression to which he affixes equally abstract vocals.

“Inside My Head” on DJ Mag Mix CD

“Inside My Head” is the first track on Wall of Sound’s “Love And Good Times At The Red Bull House” mix CD, free with DJ Magazine (04 – 17 March 05) and mixed by The Visitor.

Inside DJ Magazine, Wall Of Sound label boss Mark Jones and The Visitor (otherwise known as Jon Pleased Women) discuss each track on the CD. Here’s what they say about “Inside My Head”:

Mark Jones: “Dave Hedger’s big room sound never fails to deliver. Enhanced by Ollie J, some twisted Talking Heads-esque vocals and some very clever synth lines – it works at any level.”

The Visitor: “This is a great tune for that moment in the night when a club is full and everybody’s ready to go mental, kind of reminds me of those old Harley & Feller remixes, which I still love.”